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Fleming Fly2K - August 2000

The Fleming Fly2K Air Show was held at Fleming Field, St. Paul MN on August 5-6. This air show is put on by the local chapter of the Confederate Air Force the weekend following the OshKosh Air Show. This year the weather was very bad, so not very many planes made it to St. Paul. The B-17, B-24, P-39, P-40, F4U, and a host of P-51s did NOT make it. However, there were a couple of rare birds that did make it in. The following shows the Hawker Sea Fury and the Junkers Ju-52 transport. I managed to get some pics on Saturday, but you will notice that the contrast is terrible because of the dark overcast conditions. There was also a DC-3 from North Dakota, a P-51 from there as well, and a really old PBY seaplane. The MN CAF chapter has a PBY seaplane, but only the fuselage was at the show because they are in the middle of re-restoring it. This show should be better next year.

german_cross.gifJunkers Ju-52 "Tante Ju"

The CAF Ju-52 was present on Saturday; this was the 1st time I had personally seen this aircraft.

Ju52-Cockpit-1.jpg (33K) Ju52-Front-1.jpg (33K) Ju52-Front-2.jpg (20K) Ju52-Front-3.jpg (35K) Ju52-Front-4.jpg (24K)

Ju52-Gear-1.jpg (49K) Ju52-LeftFront-1.jpg (27K) Ju52-LeftFront-2.jpg (32K) Ju52-LeftFront-3.jpg (25K) Ju52-LeftWing-1.jpg (37K)

Ju52-LeftWing-2.jpg (40K) Ju52-LeftWing-3.jpg (24K) Ju52-No1Cowl-1.jpg (17K) Ju52-No1Engine-1.jpg (31K) Ju52-Nose-1.jpg (16K)

Ju52-RightSide-1.jpg (47K) Ju52-RightSide-2.jpg (44K) Ju52-SlatHinge-1.jpg (28K) Ju52-Tail-1.jpg (34K) Ju52-Tail-2.jpg (53K)

Ju52-Tail-3.jpg (36K)

au.gifRoyal Australian Navy Hawker Sea Fury

This is a remarkably clean aircraft with a 2800 Hp 18-cylinder engine and an unusual 5-blade prop.

SeaFury-CentarusEngine2800Hp-1.jpg (25K) SeaFury-Front-1.jpg (26K) SeaFury-Front-2.jpg (33K) SeaFury-Front-3.jpg (18K) SeaFury-Front-5.jpg (25K)

SeaFury-Front-6.jpg (29K) SeaFury-Front-7.jpg (24K) SeaFury-Front-8.jpg (21K) SeaFury-LeftGear-1.jpg (21K) SeaFury-LeftWingRoot-1.jpg (37K)

SeaFury-Rear-1.jpg (33K) SeaFury-Rear-2.jpg (33K) SeaFury-Rear-3.jpg (22K) SeaFury-Rear-4.jpg (32K) SeaFury-RightExhaust-1.jpg (21K)

SeaFury-RightSide-1.jpg (21K) SeaFury-RightSide-2.jpg (24K) SeaFury-RightWheelWell-1.jpg (20K) SeaFury-RightWheelWell-2.jpg (41K) SeaFury-RightWingFold-1.jpg (16K)

SeaFury-RightWingFold-2.jpg (42K) SeaFury-Tail-2.jpg (39K) SeaFury-Front-10.jpg (12K) SeaFury-RightSide-3.jpg (32K) SeaFury-RightSide-4.jpg (40K)


The same BT-13 that was at the Flying Cloud air show was also here

BT13-Front-1.jpg (33K)


The North Dakota Air Guard DC-3 came in on Sunday

DC3-Front-1.jpg (45K) DC3-Engine-1.jpg (22K) DC3-RightEngine-1.jpg (42K) DC3-Side-1.jpg (23K) DC3-Side-2.jpg (34K)

DC3-Side-3.jpg (26K)

us50.gifNorth American Harvard

The Royal Canadian Air Force Harvard was the same one that was at AirExpo 2000

Harvard-Side-1.jpg (35K) Harvard-Side-2.jpg (26K)

us50.gifNorth American P-51 Mustang

A P-51 from North Dakota made it in under the weather

P51-1.jpg (31K)

us50.gifPBY Catalina Seaplane

An old PBY model was present that did not have the waist blisters. Also, the MN CAF squadron had their PBY fuselage there. The CAF squadron is re-restoring their PBY and it was not complete yet

PBY-Blister-1.jpg (28K) PBY-Engines-1.jpg (27K) PBY-Front-1.jpg (32K) PBY-LeftFloat-1.jpg (29K)

su.gifYAK-52 Aerobatic Aircraft

A very nice looking YAK

YAK52-1.jpg (38K)

us50.gifB-25 "Miss Mitchell"

This is the same B-25 that was at AirExpo 2000

B25-TopTurret-3-1.jpg (28K) B25-EnginePlate-1.jpg (46K) B25-LeftEngine-1.jpg (29K) B25-Side-1.jpg (27K) B25-SideGun-2.jpg (45K)

B25-Tail-4.jpg (14K)

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