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Yasakuni Shrine, Tokyo April 2000

Visited the Yasakuni Shrine in Ichigaya, a suburb of Tokyo. There are 2 aircraft on exhibit, a D4Y Suisei Comet Judy and a MXY7 Ohka Cherry Blossom Gliding Bomb. Again, I used 800 ASA film pushed to ASA 1600 and a 28-70 zoom lens. The room has some very bright lights that you have to avoid. Also, there are some very good aircraft models in another room.


D4Y Suisei Comet Judy

D4Y-AboveFront-1.jpg (31K) D4Y-AboveRear-2.jpg (33K) D4Y-AboveRear-3.jpg (34K) D4Y-AboveRear-4.jpg (30K) D4Y-AboveRear-5.jpg (38K)
       Front Left (31K)                   Rear Left (33K)            Rear Left (34K)      Rear Left Tail (30K)    Left Fuselage (38K)
D4Y-AboveRear-6.jpg (34K) D4Y-Left-1.jpg (36K) D4Y-Left-2.jpg (32K) D4Y-Left-3.jpg (21K) D4Y-Left-5.jpg (22K)
    Left Fuselage (34K)          Left Fuselage (36K)     Left Fuselage CloseUp (32K)    Left Fuselage Cockpit (21K)  Left Fuselage Cockpit (22K)
D4Y-Rear-7.jpg (27K) D4Y-Front-2.jpg (20K) D4Y-Front-3.jpg (34K) D4Y-Front-4.jpg (33K) D4Y-Front-6.jpg (34K)
Rear Gunner's Position (27K)          Front (20K)                 Front (34K)              Front CloseUp (33K)      Front CloseUp (34K)
D4Y-Front-5.jpg (33K) D4Y-Left-4.jpg (30K) D4Y-Rear-5.jpg (32K) D4Y-Rear-6.jpg (29K) D4Y-RightWing-1.jpg (41K)
Front Left (33K)         Front Left (30K)               Rear (32K)                 Left Rear (29K)            Right Wing (41K)
D4Y-Rear-1.jpg (39K) D4Y-Rear-3.jpg (38K) D4Y-Rear-4.jpg (37K) D4Y-Tail-1.jpg (32K) D4Y-Tail-2.jpg (25K)
 Rear (39K)            Rear (38K)          Elevator (37K)          Left Tail (32K)          Left Tail (25K)
D4Y-Tail-3.jpg (22K) D4Y-RightWing-3.jpg (31K) D4Y-Front-1.jpg (37K) D4Y-LeftGear-1.jpg (37K) D4Y-RightGear-1.jpg (30K)
      Left Tail (22K)        Right Main Wheel Well (31K)      Left Main (37K)          Left Main (37K)      Right Main (30K)
D4Y-Engine-1.jpg (27K)
In-Line Engine (27K)

MXY7 Ohka Cherry Blossom Bomb

Ohka-11.jpg (17K) Ohka-2.jpg (16K) Ohka-1.jpg (13K) Ohka-3.jpg (27K) Ohka-4.jpg (25K)
   Left Side (17K)                   Nose (16K)         Nose Closeup (13K)        Right Fuselage (27K)         Right Fuselage (25K)
Ohka-5.jpg (22K) Ohka-12.jpg (26K) Ohka-8.jpg (25K) Ohka-9.jpg (23K)
   Right Tail (22K)        Right Tail (26K)         Rear (25K)          Rear Closeup (23K)

Aircraft Models

The lighting conditions for the models was very difficult. Let me know by e-mail
if I have mis-identified any of them; some of them are quite dark and without good detail.

B7A-Ryusei-ShootingStar-Grace-1.jpg (24K) C6N-Saiun-PaintedCloud-Myrt-1.jpg (19K)
   B7A Ryusei Shooting Star Grace (24K)     C6N Saiun Painted Cloud Myrt (19K)
D3A-Val-1.jpg (19K) G3M-Nell-1.jpg (18K) Ki21-Sally-1.jpg (24K)
D3A Val (19K)         G3M Nell (18K)        Ki-21 Sally (24K)
Ki27-Nate-1.jpg (26K) Ki43-Hayabusa-PeregrineFalcon-Oscar-1.jpg (23K) Ki45-Toryu-DragonSlayer-Nick-1.jpg (7K)
     Ki-27 Nate (26K)     Ki-43 Hayabusa Peregrine Falcon Oscar (23K)   Ki-45 Toryu Dragon Slayer Nick (7K)
Ki46-Dinah-1.jpg (14K) Ki48-Lilly-1.jpg (14K) Ki49-Donryu-StormDragon-Helen-1.jpg (25K)
Ki-46 Dinah (14K)       Ki-48 Lily (14K)  Ki-49 Donryu Storm Dragon Helen (25K)
Ki51-Sonia-1.jpg (26K) Ki61-Hien-Tony-1.jpg (35K) Ki67-Hiryu-Peggy-1.jpg (23K) Ki84-Hayate-Gale-Frank-1.jpg (32K)
     Ki-51-Sonia (26K)       Ki-61 Hien Tony (35K)   Ki-67 Hiryu Peggy (23K)  Ki-84 Hayate Frank (32K)

Zero-Cannon-1.jpg (29K) G4M-Betty-1.jpg (23K)
Zero Cannon (29K)          G4M Betty Photo (23K)   
Oscar-Leaving-1.jpg (37K)
Ki-43 Hayabusa Peregrine Falcon Oscar Departing Photo (37K)

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